Individual Therapy

The process of psychotherapy is designed to address a broad range of challenges individuals may face. The aim of psychotherapy is to explore and bring self-awareness to the thoughts, feelings, behaviours and relational patterns that hinder psychological well-being, in order to move towards personal growth and healing. Individual psychotherapy aims to tailor the therapy process to meet the unique needs of each client and bring therapeutic change.

I have experience and special interest in the following areas:
  • General forms of anxiety (including feelings of being overwhelmed and/or unable to cope, excessive worrying and difficulty controlling worry, anticipatory anxiety, panic attacks, feeling "out of control", sleep difficulties)
  • Specific fears (health-related anxiety, fears of death and dying, social anxiety)
  • Obsessive and/or compulsive thoughts and/or behaviours

  • Feelings of overwhelming sadness, hopelessness, guilt, emptiness, worthlessness and/or increased irritability
  • Feeling unable to cope and more easily overwhelmed
  • Thoughts of death, suicide or self-harm
  • Physical symptoms unaccounted for by medical condition (including lack of energy, increase in fatigue, sleep difficulties, increased bodily pains and headaches, weight changes)
  • Difficulty with concentration, decision-making and memory
  • Related to specific experiences of grief, loss and/or trauma

Relationship Difficulties
  • Patterns of engaging in unhealthy and/or destructive relationships
  • Difficulties associated with emotional closeness, intimacy, vulnerability and commitment
  • Challenges related to setting healthy boundaries and expressing personal needs in relationships
  • related to mistrust of others and fears of rejection
  • relating to over-dependence in relationships and fears of being alone
  • preparation and/or processing of loss of significant relationship

Personal Growth
  • Exploring challenges related to low self-esteem and personal insecurities
  • Preparation and processing of transitions and adjustments related to new life phases
  • and strengthening skills of self-exploration, self-reflection, mindfulness, assertiveness and mentalization